DEPURATION What is Seafood Depuration?

“Seafood Depuration (purification) is a technique applied in many parts of the world for the removal of microbial contaminants from light to moderately contaminated bivalve molluscan shellfish by placing them in tanks of clean seawater to undertake their normal pumping activity for a period of time ranging from several hours to days. It is usually undertaken because it is required by regional, national or local legislation but may also be applied at the discretion of the industry to protect their customers, demonstrate due diligence, or to satify the requirements of legislation in other regions or counties in order to be able to export.” source: United Nations FAO, 2008


活海鮮淨化(淨化)是一種去除受到輕至中度微生物污染的貝殼類海鮮清潔淨化的技術,這技術在世界各地也有采用,在 淨化過程中活海鮮會放 置於 有大 量純淨清潔海水的水缸中讓它們正常自然的過濾一段時間,自然過濾需時約幾小時到幾天 不等。現時一般出口商會對活海鮮進行淨化是因為個別國家或地方 法規所要求,但也可能以為當地行業一般常見的做法, 主要為保護客戶食用安全,或以展示自身對活海鮮產品盡職,或為滿足進口地法例的要 求。 ”

來源: FAO (糧農組織), 2008